Sunday, July 13, 2008

His crush on a New Jersey teacher 15 years older than him

Here is a letter from a man who had a crush on a history teacher named Lois Weiser (whose name later became Lois Wolf) at West Orange Mountain High School in New Jersey. The man asks to remain anonymous. He writes:

I not only loved her as a teacher, but also had the hots for her in a major way, the kind of crush adolescent boys have on mature women 5 or 10 years older. I imagined having a woman like her some day.

I think to me Miss Weiser represented my first taste of what a mature woman could be like, and I was just at the age when I was beginning to examine what it would be like to be a man having a real woman, rather than just a boy being attracted to girls.

My attraction to her was definitely physical, but had a very large intellectual and personality component to it. I wanted to be a man with a "full" personality and intellectual capability capable of being at ease with and confident around that kind of woman.

Much different than just the typical high school "hots" for teenage girls.

I have to say that the fantasy of making love to her animated me for many, many years after I left high school and had lost touch with my teenage years.

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Anonymous said...

I dissapprove of this article, because it allows the man in love to be anonymous, but he is telling the full name and place of the teacher. What about her anonymity